We are redefining waste to resource by scaling a circular ecosystem to build a sustainable tomorrow.


Available Globally, Manufactured Locally.

We see sustainable material innovations with a need to scale these solutions responsibly. MVP brands efficiently localize supply, manufacturing and distribution of products in a global micro-manufacturing cluster to enable a carbon negative product economy - utilizing waste streams as resource.


Urban Harvesting from Local Communities
Manufacturing Products in Local Microfactories
Global Network of Value Aligned Partners


Pioneering a hyperlocal network of global Microfactories to disrupt conventional centralized manufacturing.

Investing into untapped resource streams, progressive technology, and brand development for commercialization powered by MVP innovation.

Prioritizing people, purpose, and planet by maximizing the viability of a circular product economy with the most valuable players in our communities.


The key to a viable circular economy is to understand the minimum viable processing that turn the most neglected resources into the highest end product value. 

MVP sustainable develops and performs on highest waste to value factors for circular product innovation while considering resource type and resource volume available for a optimal but yet hyperlocal production scale.

We understand the scale of the problem. Our solution is designed for it.

We take responsibility to reduce the stress on the natural resources in our environment.